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‘Kin Hell! – To My Boy April 9, 2007

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I remember first hearing To My Boy supporting Klaxons last year, when the headlining band were touring whilst the insane hype that was growing online was threatening to creep over into reality (thus, more people standing still and forming opinions rather than throwing around glowsticks).
There they were unforgettable, making a racket and a spectacle simultaneously despite only being a two piece. I’ve followed them ever since, collecting their unbelievably awesome “I am XRAY” and > follow up “The Grid”, yet my enthusiasm for a debut record never dropped. A release date for the said debut record was never mentioned (and still isn’t actually), but when I heard they were throwing their hat into the metaphoric ring of the “Future Love Songs” record I thought it couldn’t be too far off. So when I stumbled upon it online to say I was surprised would be an understatement, to say I was excited would be correct.
Weighing in at 11 tracks, it features 3 already released song’s with “X-Ray” and “The Grid”, their prior two lead single releases, appearing in the exact same form, yet “Outterregions” appearing in a synth-smacked new version, different from the one that was on the recent Future Love Songs compilation.
TMB’s sound steals many aspects from the eighties era, when synth ruled pop and pop ruled all. Yet unlike other recent 80-revivalists who try and hide their influences TMB embrace them, with all most all of the drumbeats on the album feeling at home slotted next to something along the lines of “Footloose” by Kenny Loggins.
It’s hard to describe just how happy this band makes you feel, something quite uncommon for a two piece relying heavily on a laptop. Yet this “happy vibe” that drenches all of the tracks off “Messages”, their debut album, is apparent at their live show, where they jive, twist stutter through their own songs as if they had paid money to hear themselves.
The dry vocals fit the crisp beats perfectly, and I imagine once scientists manage to create robots (and we live in a world like that less-than-super I, Robot film) and we live among them they will all sound like this: straight to the point, every syllable pronounced yet rich with emotion. And who knows – by that point To My Boy could be the biggest band in the world, with their tunes haunting every step we take ,where every human in the world dreams of a moment when they had never heard of the dictator drones of the band that plague their meaningless lives.
But that stage will never occur, so ignore the worst and just make robot shapes every time you hear them.

Listen to some samples below, then add them on myspaz, tell them how great they are. Then buy their awesome debut when it finally drops:


Tell Me Computer!


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